yerba mate benefit: alternative of coffee

Yerba Mate in my experience

Generally I am always interested about new taste and products. I always search for healthy food and herbs for me and my family. When I heard about yerba mate I order around two kg Yerba mate (dry leaves) local internet shop I start do drink 1 cup a day as tea ( you can also drink whole day more than three times adding hot water in same cup), as a test it’s not good test for me, it was bitter however I drink regular because of its benefits. Few days I feel dry lips and uneasy in inside my neck but later you will be habit of that. Generally I am very active man so I didn’t feel so different after drinking this tea. Still I have not done blood test so I don’t know how much it gives change. After drinking 1 month I can say that when you tired and drink this tea you can feel changes. So it’s better to try this.

Yerba mate Tea

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