Natural ways to improve memory power

Ginkgo Japanese
Ginkgo biloba is a species of tree belonging to the ginkgo family .It’s a long-lived tree. It can live up to 2000 years .Ginkgo is a tree up to 35 meters high. Branches raised or slightly tilted, in old specimens widely spread. Leaves twisted, sparsely clustered, single, fanciful, double-leaved, oblong unoccupied. The outer edge of a wavy leaf. In the autumn the leaves become golden yellow. Male flowers in cylindrical, yellow-green kittens for short shoots and female with long-spotted. The seed is similar to a stone with a yellow cover.
Already in ancient China, its leaves have been used to treat bronchial and lung diseases, senile dementia, cerebral and peripheral circulation disorders. The presence of many unique active medicinal substances has been detected in the leaves of ginkgo. Each of them acts on the body in a different way and that is why the range of ginkgo biloba is so wide.

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