Sinus home treatment

As I know and experienced sinus is common diseases and many people suffer from this disease, so i don’t want to explain what is sinus just i want to share with you that how it did treatment at home. I was also suffering from long time as other people. I was suffered more than 16 years from SINUS. I visit many Hospitals and specialists from south Asia to Europe everywhere I go there I did treatment but problem was same.  I spent lots of money for medicine and treatment. Finally they suggest me to operation of Nose Polyps and suggest removing the nose bone.
easy sinus home treatment

I couldn’t drink cold drinks, cola, Beers, wine….

In cold weather my nose start to swallowing, nose block & starts to Snoring whole night.

Headaches smell fewer noses were terrifying me always.

I took regular steam through inhalator however it was not for long term solution.

But 1 day my one relative suggests doing this therapy its works to me magically.

I return to normal life. I don’t have nose block or swallowing nose. I hope I will start to feel smell completely soon.

So I want to explain in this video to you how I did it.

You need to buy just three things in pharmacy which you can buy without your doctor’s prescription.

This are the product which you need to buy , you can buy different brand depend on your country and producer but active material have to be same

hydrogen peroxide (3% ), syringe & Physiological saline (NaCl 0,9%)
  1. Hydrogen peroxide 3% (chemically stabilized)
  2. Physiological saline solution (0.9% NaCl) 5 ml.(few pack)
  3. Syringe

    woda utleniona
    hydrogen peroxide

Preparations of solutions: first put 5 drop of Hydrogen peroxide 3% (chemically stabilized) in syringe

Then add their Physiological saline solution (0.9% NaCl) 2.5 ml (half pack of 5 ml pack)

And mix by shaking syringe properly. Now is ready to put in nose.

position to put nasal drops

Lay down in bed  and put pillow under the neck make sure your nose shroud be vertically 90 degree it help to medicine go inside the nose properly. And wait 30 second. Then clean it. Repeat this per day one time. After one to two week you will start to see the result.

For long term use better consult with your doctor.

                                          watch this video for more detail

NaCl 0,9%

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