Natural ways to be younger and stronger

How to become younger?

Human desire is unlimited and it is not stoppable. As the technology changing our life we are being more and more ambitious. Our ambition and talent giving challenge to the nature. I am talking about this because if we analysis the past we can see people did many thing to be younger and live longer. Somehow we get success on long live .If we look statistics of average life expiatory, it proof that our life expiatory is growing. So I can say that if we maintain our lifestyle it’s possible to live longer, healthier and stay younger.

In this article I am going to explain shortly about how to stay younger. It’s not that we can stay younger for forever. Stay younger it’s not possible till now but we can slower it to be older by maintaining our lifestyle by balance of diet and exercise.

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Increase your testosterone level

Testosterone hormone play key role to be younger. when child grow the hormone like testosterone also grow and helps to build man’s muscles, grow hair in chest of man, change voice , changes in sexual organs. Age after 30s its start to decline level of testosterone hormone. Cause make lazy, tiredness, less active in sex. So to become younger initially it’s necessary to increase level of testosterone. Testosterone level can increase by supplying more Zinc, vitamin D, Omega -3, proteins and eliminating sugar from your regular diet. Regular exercise, losing weight especially fatty stomach and reducing stress can maintain your testosterone level.

Eat only healthy food.

Everybody knows that Balance of diet most important for our body however it’s not clear that how many people maintain and practice it remain unclear. Vegetable and fruit is key player to maintain your cell. Fruit like grapes, melon watermelon are best source to care your skin and helps to look younger so eating it regularly can reduce your aging cell.

Antioxidant contains fruits vegetables can extremely help you to prevent from ageing. Vegetable like Maca, Tomatoes, green leafs, berries, basil, Brussels are vital source to prevent being older.

Beans and walnuts

Beans and walnuts contain high proteins, fiber and vitamins .it called super food because of its rich source .it also fully loaded with Omega – 3s. These all proteins, fiber, vitamins and omega not only maintain your body makes you stronger from inside and gives more energy.

Eat more seafood and fish

Most of seafood and fish are rich source of vitamins, proteins and omega. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are best source of omega – 3, vitamin A and D. most of researcher suggests that high dosage of fatty acids omega – 3 help to decrease developing age related diseases.

Avoid other alcohol and choose wine

Now a day alcohol is common in our daily life we all know that alcohol is bad for health however most of us we can’t keep an away from it. When we meet friends or party alcohol is best choice to drink even we know it’s bad. Alcohol habit not only damages your prestige in society but also it encourages ageing, so when you go party or meeting I suggest you all to choose wine it not only makes good humor it can maintain you to be younger. Researcher says that wine have mechanism of antioxidants and a glass wine for women and two glass for man help to glow their skin.

Green tea

If you are regular coffee drunker try to change with green tea. Most of researchers have claimed that green tea contains catechins which are antioxidants by nature and it effective against the skin inflammation and prevent from skin cancer.

You can choose other ginseng tea, yerba mate and catuaba which are used by native from thousand years.

Good bacteria and water

Good bacteria not only help you to protect from bad bacterial infection but also helps to have less wrinkles, healthy hair, strong nails and clear complexion. Eating regularly fermented food including yogurt, kefir, Kimaci and Natto can increase the good bacteria level naturally.

Regular exercise and yoga

It’s necessary to function your all parts of body needs to work properly. Doing regular exercise and yoga in a good way can help your body and mind can work together properly. It provides more flexibility and improvement.  It gives breath to your dying cells.

Go bed in a time

Our body not like robot that made of steel and every not working part that you can change. All organ and cell need to relax and regenerate.  Go early in the bed and wake up early in morning as together raising the sun, it can give more energy.

Reduce stress and be happy

There is no thing other then the stress to make you old faster. Stress is the behind many kind poor ability to present and analysis work, sickness, and diseases. Its affect your physical and emotional health.

Make love

Regular having sex and satisfying yourself makes you happy. Having healthy sex life helps your body to release human growth hormone which helps to make skin more elastics.

Brain exercise

Solving the problems, working with puzzle, thinking are the best brain exercise, it helps to wake up your sleeping brain cells. Regular brain exercise can make active again your brain cells.

Dress well

Sometimes it’s not enough to be younger by only physically. An old people can look younger and younger can looks older by dress if he wears matching with his body structure. So chose right design and colors as matching your figure and your colors.

Maintain your make up

Make up is also best part of looking younger. Good hair style and dressing can helps you to looks more attractive. Maintain your eyebrow, lips and wrinkle in eye.

Care your teeth. Teeth are most important part if you lose teeth in age of 35 that’s makes your looks as age of 75. Try to use good natural herbs toothpaste such as south Asian NEEM (Azadirachta indica) is best practice a well know for it.

if you maintain these all thing definitely give you best result .

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