World Cup 2018 Russia: all country players name including club

World Cup 2018 Russia all team Name 
Group A
Goalkeepers: Igor Akinfeev -CSKA Moscow
Vladimir Gabulov -Club Brugge
Andrey Lunev – Zenit St Petersburg
Defenders: Vladimir Granat and Fedor Kudryashov – Rubin Kazan
Ilya Kutepov -Spartak Moscow, Andrey Semenov -Akhmat Grozny
Sergei Ignashevich and Mario Fernandes – CSKA Moscow
Igor Smolnikov -Zenit St Petersburg


Midfielders: Yuri Gazinskiy -Krasnodar,
Aleksandr Golovin, and Alan Dzagoev – CSKA Moscow
Aleksandr Erokhin, Yuri Zhirkov and Daler Kuzyaev – Zenit St Petersburg),
Roman Zobnin and Aleksandr Samedov -Spartak Moscow
Anton Miranchuk -Lokomotiv Moscow
Denis Cheryshev -Villarreal

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Natural ways to be younger and stronger

How to become younger?

Human desire is unlimited and it is not stoppable. As the technology changing our life we are being more and more ambitious. Our ambition and talent giving challenge to the nature. I am talking about this because if we analysis the past we can see people did many thing to be younger and live longer. Somehow we get success on long live .If we look statistics of average life expiatory, it proof that our life expiatory is growing. So I can say that if we maintain our lifestyle it’s possible to live longer, healthier and stay younger.

In this article I am going to explain shortly about how to stay younger. It’s not that we can stay younger for forever. Stay younger it’s not possible till now but we can slower it to be older by maintaining our lifestyle by balance of diet and exercise.

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Natural ways to improve memory power

Ginkgo Japanese
Ginkgo biloba is a species of tree belonging to the ginkgo family .It’s a long-lived tree. It can live up to 2000 years .Ginkgo is a tree up to 35 meters high. Branches raised or slightly tilted, in old specimens widely spread. Leaves twisted, sparsely clustered, single, fanciful, double-leaved, oblong unoccupied. The outer edge of a wavy leaf. In the autumn the leaves become golden yellow. Male flowers in cylindrical, yellow-green kittens for short shoots and female with long-spotted. The seed is similar to a stone with a yellow cover.
Already in ancient China, its leaves have been used to treat bronchial and lung diseases, senile dementia, cerebral and peripheral circulation disorders. The presence of many unique active medicinal substances has been detected in the leaves of ginkgo. Each of them acts on the body in a different way and that is why the range of ginkgo biloba is so wide.

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what is maca? and it’s benefit

What is Maca?
Maca root is a vitamin rich root vegetable, its looks and size about radish. It have different kind of colors in colors ranging from white, cream, yellow, red, light gray, violet to black ending. it is grow in South American mountain in altitude of about 3500 m especially in Peru. Maca root is used for centuries by Peruvian Indians. It contains large amount of calcium, iron, potassium, and copper including riboflavin, vitamin B, vitamin C, and niacin. It is very best source of protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber. Maca have very low cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium. Maca is used as food and also as medicine. After drying Maca root they make Maca power in different quality ratio such as 4:1, 6:1(4:1 = 4 kg raw maca= 1 kg powder/ 6 kg raw maca =1 kg dried maca).

maca plant

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yerba mate benefit: alternative of coffee

Yerba Mate in my experience

Generally I am always interested about new taste and products. I always search for healthy food and herbs for me and my family. When I heard about yerba mate I order around two kg Yerba mate (dry leaves) local internet shop I start do drink 1 cup a day as tea ( you can also drink whole day more than three times adding hot water in same cup), as a test it’s not good test for me, it was bitter however I drink regular because of its benefits. Few days I feel dry lips and uneasy in inside my neck but later you will be habit of that. Generally I am very active man so I didn’t feel so different after drinking this tea. Still I have not done blood test so I don’t know how much it gives change. After drinking 1 month I can say that when you tired and drink this tea you can feel changes. So it’s better to try this.

Yerba mate Tea

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Catuaba: Natural Viagra natural herbs to boost power

Catuaba in my Experience

One Year ago when I start to searching herb which can flow blood circulation more in body in the internet. A lot of products interesting I found however Catuaba became interested to me because of its special characters to function in people’s body. There was information that its use to increase men’s sexual desire, work on the erectile dysfunction (ED) problems and helps to erection. I was also normal man as others so there was nothing to hide that everybody wants that play well in the bed.

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Sinus home treatment

As I know and experienced sinus is common diseases and many people suffer from this disease, so i don’t want to explain what is sinus just i want to share with you that how it did treatment at home. I was also suffering from long time as other people. I was suffered more than 16 years from SINUS. I visit many Hospitals and specialists from south Asia to Europe everywhere I go there I did treatment but problem was same.  I spent lots of money for medicine and treatment. Finally they suggest me to operation of Nose Polyps and suggest removing the nose bone.

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Ginseng benefit: reason why everybody need to try

In my experience about Ginseng  

I never have sexual problem I my organ always function very well but sometimes I feel tired of my daily work and don’t want to do any work at home. When I heard about ginseng I was excited to try it but also I afraid about to take this because nobody has try this whom I know. so this product was quite new so I choose to take ginseng Tea then Ginseng supplement capsules, because that was herbs and that its more safer than others product . I ordered in local online shop . And take it regular more than three months. It tastes me quite better and strong test as double black tea. After few days I feel that my tiredness was gone and start to function more activity in my sex life.  Then I was more excited. And start to take supplement capsules of ginseng (mix formula with other vitamins & minerals) Olimp Żeń-Szeń Vita Complex brand for 3 month. I have regular check up my blood pressure. Result was excellent. I don’t feel tired anyway and sex life is going good as well. I think this result was because of ginseng.

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