Male enhancement technique – 4 easy way to increase your size

Best enlargement technique

If we look around society or search in the internet there no man that doesn’t want bigger penis. This is also proving that the growing demand of different type’s penis enlargement related product. If you look around t market you can found many types of instrument and supplement to enlarge penis. But the question is does really work it? Really its worth to spend money on those advertise product? It’s hard to proof it because a group of people say that it’s really works it and they are bigger then before some other people say that there is not actual working medicine to enhance penis, currently selling supplement in market they are just to flow more blood in penis that’s all.

However In this article I am going to explain most popular four types of penile enlargement technique and how it works.

If someone asks me that is it possible I will tell that yes its possible. Why not? If bodybuilder can build his body in attractive shape, why not penis, definitely it is possible. I am also practicing on this from almost two years so quite happy on this. Just it takes time and hard work to enhance.

Penis enlargement types are bellow which is quite popular now a day,

  1. Penis enlargement supplements
  2. Penis enlargement exercise
  3. Brutal Penis enlargement instruments
  4. Horrible penis enlargement operation

Penile Construction

Penis is male sexual organ that pass the urine and male s emen. It’s full of boneless spongy tissues. Most of organ consists of erectile tissue when fill with blood under the condition of sexual excitement, making it harder and erect. Many study show that generally erect penis size is between 14 to 16 cm and girth is between 12 to 13 cm. however it’s found that some people have smaller than 5 cm and bigger more than 16 cm also.

Generally   penises have a different construction then our muscles or biceps.Its have four parts, in a top penis Glans – its head of penis with pink color moist tissue.

Corpus Cavernosum – its two columns of tissue running alongside of penis where the blood flow and it erect.

Corpus spongiosum – it’s a Colum of spongy tissue it’s full of blood during the erecting period.

Urethra – urethra which through pass the urine and semen.

Enlargement Exercises

There is various types of exercises has developed to increase the size of the penis and many people claim in their social media post and some media that exercises gave hundred percent complete change in the size of their penis. It also suggests that to achieve the best result the enlargement exercises should be practice five days in a week and twice a day for minimum six months.

penis exercise should be practice one hour daily by taking two day rest, this is also important that cells need to relax and regenerate.

the real change can start to notice an increase in size of penis  after few weeks of starting enlargement exercises. If you continue on your enlargement exercise, you can see a visibly exact change in this exercise period.

How does exercises works?

inside the male penis there is three chambers of spongy tissue where flow the bloods and that reach the penis from the circulatory system. when these all three chambers fill with full of blood, this leads to the erection of the penis. If exercises are practice continuously and in a correctly, penis tissue will start to expansion and in the gap between tissue start to grow new tissue. then penis looks bigger and longer.

Generally exercises are stretching the penis tissue to increase the blood flow and pressure in penis. When it stretches there will gap in the tissue and in this gap it’s allow to flow blood and our body create new cell in the blank place. Those exercises also make penis blood vessel to expand and it look bigger.

Basic  enlargement exercise types:

  1. The Hot Cloth Warm up
  2. Length stretch exercise
  3. The jelq method
  4. Flex Exercise
  5. Growth and circulation exercise

 Enlargement supplements

Mainly Penis enlargement supplements are design to increase more blood flow in inside penis, if blood flow more it looks bigger, harder and stronger. Most of enhancement supplement contain nitric oxide which is help to grow cell inside penis. In 1998, three American scientists Robert Furchgott, Louis Ignarro and Ferid Murad received the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine for his research on nitric oxide. They found that the cells lining the blood vessels under the effect of stimuli produce a molecule of nitric oxide (NO), which then penetrates into the smooth muscle in the wall of the blood vessel. This causes a relaxation of the muscles and leads to vasodilatation and increase blood flow.

Other popular composition in supplement are L-Arginine , Korean/Siberian ginseng, tribulus  (Tribulus terrestris),muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) Sabal minor (Sabal serrulata), cellulose (cellulose), magnesium stearate , silicon, calcium.

Warning: if you are professional sport man please check your supplement in the international doping list. if you are any allergies or taking log term diseases medicine eg. sugar,high blood pressure please consult with doctor.

Penis enlargement instruments

There is many types of instrument are created to enlarge male penis such as Bath mate, penis pump and stretching device

Penis pump or Bathe mate  – Actually, penis put inside the pump then after pumping the air out of the cylinder that the penis is vacuumed and it starts to draw blood towards the penis shaft so that an erection occurs.

Stretching device – Mainly stretching device are deigns to stretch penis between penis shaft and penis glans then to increase cell in that empty place. But It is very hurtable, uncomfortable and very risky. If you didn’t do proper way it can damage your penis tissue so you need to follow carefully that device instruction. You need to use and practice till you can afford it. However gains are depending on their penis and body build and amount of post operative stretching performed.


Around half of the penis is located inside the body; it is attached to the pubic bone. When it release and bought outward by operation it increase the external length of penis. Operation is very risky and it cause infection. So before to do operation prepare yourself and think twice about it.

Many doctors who perform related operation they claim that, this Penis Enlargement surgery is the guaranteed method to increase the penis size and aesthetics with progressive and for permanent results. Urologist and surgeon who has developed this method they claim that this is a permanent solution to increase the penile size in length and girth. Most important this is When you considering a penis enlargement surgery its necessary to do with trust able doctor, safety and permanency of procedure.


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