Catuaba bark – does it works really?


What is Catuaba?
Catuaba is a tree which is growing in South America specially comes from Brazil. Catuaba is used to increase sexual power and use to treatment men’s sexual performance problems. Still scientists have not done enough experiment, however previous research show that catuaba extracts (erythroxylum catuaba) helpful to preventing bacterial infections and HIV infection. It is commonly use for agitation, related to high blood pressure, and trouble to sleep, skin cancer and as tonic. Now a day it can buy as a tonic drink, capsules, tablets and small pieces of tree. 

my experience about Catuaba

One Year ago when I start to searching herb which can flow blood circulation more in body in the internet. A lot of products interesting I found however Catuaba became interested to me because of its special characters to function in people’s body.

There was information that its use to increase men’s sexual desire, work on the sexual dysfunction problems and helps to erection. I was also normal man as others so there was nothing to hide that everybody wants that play well in the bed. I was also wanted boost more my sexual I decided to try it few month so I ordered in local online shop First I little afraid to drink this but letter I read more about the product so I convinced to drink this herbs. It was red colors chopped small pieces of tree. I prepare as instruction in what was written in the product cover. I put one spoon catuaba in tea cup then put the hot boiled water and cover it for 15 minute. So I start drink every day as a tonic. It looks red pure blood color and taste litter bitter little sweet it’s hard to explain exactly to me about test. First I didn’t like it test because its was bitter and not so much testy but later it make me habit. I drink more then three times a day putting hot water in a same cup without adding additional catuaba bark and drink whole day.

Does it works really?

Well after drinking three month around 300 gram I don’t feel any different in my daily activity .before I  hadn’t  erection problem may be that’s why I didn’t feel different I can’t tell exactly. But it helps me to leave my coffee habit and  catuaba brak take place of coffee, i think its better then coffee because after drink catuaba you can sleep not like coffee  . I feel less tired so I can say it benefit to drink . So I can say it worth to drink it. However if you try to drink strong or more then three times it can give headaches and feel like to vomit. So if you want to drink Catuaba bark better start first drink less quantity and remember filter it because it’s small pieced woods.

catuaba you can buy as supplement capsules , tablets , catuaba bark, catuaba extract or powder.

How to prepare Catuaba ? watch this video.

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